Körtik Tepe 2012 Stratigraphy


This stratigraphic documentation is based on the drawings and descriptions of Filiz Doğan (FD). Two profiles (A135) were drawn and documented by Corinna Rößner (CR). Profiles A71, A80, A83, A84 and A104 were documented by Felix Schreiber (FS), Filiz Doğan, M. Deva Jebb-Albaba (MDJA), Christian Maise (CM) and Marion Benz (MB).
Eveline Zimmermann took measurements of the profiles and Marion Benz digitalized the drawings and wrote the English translation of the descriptions, the comments and constructed the harris matrixes. The two lines in the matrixes indicate the border of the Early Holocene and the Younger Dryas layers, respectively.
The radiocarbon data taken from the profiles are indicated by * . All radiocarbon data are given on the open access platform: www.exoriente.org/associated_projects/ppnd.php; readers are most welcome to consult that platform and help to actualize it.
For the location of the documented trenches see (Plan KTK 2012).
We hope this open access publication will support your research and we cordially thank you for respecting the copyrights. If you wish to cite from a comment or publish photos, we kindly ask you to indicate the author's name + Körtik Tepe Archive + URL. Photos with higher resolution can be provided upon request (benzm@hotmail.com).
The stratigraphic report without photos can be downloaded here.
For detailed information, drawings, and photos click on the file names.

This documentation should be considered a basis for a discussion of the stratigraphy of the tell. Without knowing the findings, it is actually very difficult to provide secure chronological attributions, where no radiocarbon data are available. So, we are aware, that this report probably does need revisions and additional information, without which it will not be possible to gain a conclusive model of the stratigraphy.
We are very grateful to Prof. Dr. Vecihi Özkaya and Dr. Aytaç Coşkun for organizing the excavation. Thanks are also due to the students and workers of the Körtik Tepe Team. Without their strenuous efforts this documentation would have been impossible in such a short time.

Financial support for the German team was granted by the German Research Foundation (BE 4218/2-2; AL 287/9-2). In 2012 additional support was granted by Prof. Dr. Helmut Köser, Lions-Club Emmendingen, Maria and Dr. Manfred Probst. We owe our deepest thanks to all of them.




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